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[Pilgrimage] Paju, Wonjun_04
등록일 : 2014/12/26   조회수 : 1597

cultivating a lifetime of being protected and defended Wonjun power plant in Paju invite the tradition of true home early leaders Pastor Imgiljae

And to be offended at the hotel he was unable to finish the road who will study Jin's (He was 21 years old), he sublimates. As such it is a direct child nimdeul sublimates the flowery age can not be a deep sadness and hurt to True Parents. As well as the true mother's mother, who is also Godmother (He was 75 years old) is also being sent to samyeongja to liberate humanity from spiritual pollution and disease went into the spirit world. You're doing it as an independent project for the sovereignty of the country back door taking the gateun okgo yunguk Pastor (He was 80 years old) went to the spirit world after the liberation forgo choya buried in Gangwon-choice.

Thus, before the first trail participated in Paju original definition will be deep and true story of blood, sweat and tears samuchyeo parents. Indeed, parents always told me to find a place for family members. While you will reach there though, Paju Wonjun power plant joins the line, the worship of the family and every Korean Thanksgiving holiday.

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