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[Pilgrimage] Paju, Wonjun_03
등록일 : 2014/12/19   조회수 : 1583

Providence for the liberation of the spirit world and Hae-won's cemetery in front of Chunchonggwan heungjinnim

Paju Wonjun is divided into four zones. Each of the first Wonjun power plant (true family cemetery), a second Wonjun power (36 home and elder family cemetery), the third Wonjun power plant (Pastor cemetery), and the name of the fourth Wonjun power plant (latest sublimation your leaders cemetery). Immediate child's first circle until the current Heung Jin Moon's True Parents, Hye-jin Moon's, Young-jin Moon's, Moon Hee-jin's and grandchildren's immediate gilnim a tattoo, tattoo's and Sun-ae Hong Godmother example, Reverend Moon yunguk (see my father's great-grandfather) until it becomes the 8th cemetery is cultivated.

Wonjun is direct children and grandchildren who has told all parents to accidents sublimation indeed providential victory, because the lack of stability of the family left in sight as a sacrifice instead. Not long Hye's age (age 8 days sublimation) and Carlsberg's (He was one year old) are not born hasyeotgo sublimation, the lead will stand in front of traffic accidents heungjin's (He was 17 years old) and Hee-jin's (He was 14 years old ), Singil's (He was 17 years old) he sublimates.
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