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[Pilgrimage] Paju, Wonjun_02
등록일 : 2014/12/12   조회수 : 1602

The second step towards the early days of Wonjun revelations senior seniors are participating in the first Wonjun power plant revelation affection.

We are not the end of life on earth, knowing the fate of human beings to live the values of eternal life as the object of God's love in the spirit world was expecting a special meeting in Paju plant.

Who felt that she went to the spirit world is to provide educational opportunities to learn in the way of our life from the sky because the history of this pilgrimage for peace more than the real world and the world to build the kingdom return to the ground, rather than revelation, regardless.

When the Wonjun power plant in Paju near totality when the rain began to arrive slip was looking down at the blue sky and white clouds in us. Since the early 70s, more than half my life so far in the Holy Land welcomed the coming seasons imgiljae green thumb Rev. 76, greeted us.


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