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[Pilgrimage] Paju, Wonjun_01
등록일 : 2014/12/05   조회수 : 413

The second Wonjun is always giving the younger of the other senior family members welcomed home 36 nimdeul the Unification movement.

Feelings traditions met in Paju, Wonjun

 "You have to have the edge over our labors grounds thank you for the gifts that allow for such a place. Everything has slowed down curbs Give you a clan in sponsoring our way! "(Article 223 words Anthology, p. 116.)

We (imhyeonjin professor, dohyeonseop, Park, Sang - Hyun, gimgongsu, reimburse all PhD, Hyŏn-yong Cho, Kang Sang-Woo, Lee Hyung-taik, Ono SATO America, Okubo limiter, open recesses, Deepak Dev Kota Masters) is 9:00 am Saturday, March 24, the new spring rain to bless the departed toward the Paju Wonjun seniors living breathing heart of the Unification Church. During the ride, the origin and value of the Wonjun power plant in Paju, we talked about the spirit can be inherited. Rain pounding the windows was more our hearts flutter.

In other words, a space, such as a parent's first child as a true human ancestors are buried in the Holy Palace of God is finished plant. This is where you connect the spirit world and the earth world, asking the Holy Land hisin heungjin as children of God's sacrifice for victory on behalf of the True Parents. Never before also means faith, absolute love, a sacred cemetery alive the spirit of the seniors between the way of absolute obedience.

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