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[Pilgrimage]Japan, the providential Mother Nation(Episode 04)
등록일 : 2014/09/24   조회수 : 639

The pilgrimage to develop and inherit the heart;

Tokyo, the land of connections

It is clear that the Unification Movement has had to overcome countless obstacles on the path to finding the Peaceful and Ideal Universal Kingdom; and today, people are recognizing the successful results. 

However, through having to overcome these obstacles of heartistic conflict, many Unification members have had to suffer and sacrifice, and very much like the Holy Ground Tree, they are carrying scars from deep wounds. 

Standing at the Holy Ground, we could deeply feel that as members of the “Mother Nation,” Japanese Unification members supported the Unification Movement and worked on the front line, walking the difficult course of sacrifice.  

The Holy Ground should absolutely be found again and established. I think the resurrection of our faith will only be possible when we find the heartistic tradition at the Holy Ground where God’s direct sovereignty is established. 

Despite everything, the sun was shining upon the Holy Ground. May our hearts also be renewed through the new hope and vision of the Unification Movement. With the hearts of pilgrims, we left the Holy Ground and headed for Narita Airport.

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