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[Pilgrimage]Japan, the providential Mother Nation(Episode 03)
등록일 : 2014/09/17   조회수 : 649

Holy Ground is situated at the Meganebashi Yasukuni Shrine in front of the Imperial Palace wherein resides the Japanese Emperor’s family, the moral pillar of Japan.  

The pilgrimage to develop and inherit the heart;

Tokyo, the land of connections

We left all our hopes and wishes at that Holy Ground and headed for the Yoyogi Park Holy Ground, the new Holy Ground established by True Father. 

Time passed and the Holy Ground was now a bench area, and the Holy Tree was but a miserable pine tree facing a basketball court. 

An old Japanese woman who was quietly reading a book nearby looked at us strangely as we circled around the tree to pray. Just as our hearts were in pain, the Holy Ground Tree sadly stood there with the marks of the wounds left by those who opposed the Unification Church.

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