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[Pilgrimage]Japan, the providential Mother Nation(Episode 01)
등록일 : 2014/09/03   조회수 : 457

The tree at the Holy Ground with scars caused by those who opposed.

The pilgrimage to develop and inherit the heart;

Tokyo, the land of connections

On December 3rd, we went on a Holy Ground pilgrimage following True Father’s trail. We made some changes to the busy schedule planned for December 4th and visited the Meiji Shrine, which was established as the world’s first Holy Ground by True Parents, on January 31st, 1965. Holy Ground is the “sacred land where spiritual and physical world can communicate,” and a representative base of the restoration of God’s sovereignty where God has direct dominion. In other words, the restoration of the world through the expansion and development of the sacred Unification Movement is only possible on the foundation of the religious tradition of preserving and protecting the Holy Ground, which marks the land of the settlement of God’s will.

Unfortunately, however, we were not able to find the Meiji Shrine Holy Ground that was established by True Father. This is because it is now a restricted area. True Father had chosen to establish the Holy Ground where people can revere God inside of the Meiji Shrine where people revered the Emperor, as a way to restore the root of Japan.

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