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[Pilgrimage]Studying in Japan(Episode 10)
등록일 : 2014/09/02   조회수 : 639

In front of the Yasukuni Shrine 

The pilgrimage to develop and inherit the heart;

Tokyo, the land of connections

On December 2nd, thanks to the wife of another college alumni Sang-Ho Che, we could visit the Imperial Palace, the Asakusa Shrine, Ameyoko, Yasukuni Shrine, Odaiba, etc. At the Imperial Palace, where the Imperial family resides, we felt that although the Imperial family members are not actual political leaders, they are a moral pillar and are respected and worshipped by Japanese citizens. 

At Asakusa, the traditional street and Ameyoko, the traditional market, we could get a taste of Japan’s traditional culture. At Yasukuni, we felt Japan’s egocentric standpoint and couldn’t help but feel heavy-hearted at the lack of understanding about the identity of the fallen victims.
We felt that it is only when Japan reflects on its history and repents before God, that its mission of being the “Mother Nation” can be fully accomplished.

On our way back to the lodgings, we passed by the New Okubo train station. This is the place where on January 26th, 2000, a Korean named Su-Hyeon Lee died trying to save a drunk Japanese person who had fallen onto the train tracks. Japan erected a memorial monument there in remembrance of his sacrificial spirit and belief. We each strongly resolved to live a life of love and sacrifice greater than Su-Hyeon Lee’s, so that Japan can be fully established as the “Mother Nation” for God’s providence.

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