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[Pilgrimage]Studying in Japan(Episode 9)
등록일 : 2014/09/02   조회수 : 558

The Meganebashi in front of the Imperial Palace wherein resides the Japanese Emperor’s family, the moral pillar of Japan. 


The pilgrimage to develop and inherit the heart;

Tokyo, the land of connections

True Father’s goal was to go to Japan, Korea’s enemy nation, as well as sibling nation, meet the Emperor and establish the substantial beginning of God’s nation after achieving Korea’s independence. Looking at the internal circumstances, we felt strongly that despite Japan being the Eve nation on Satan’s side, it needs to be established once again as the Eve nation on the Heavenly side.

We strongly felt this continuously throughout the Tokyo pilgrimage. On December 1st, thanks to the wife of my college alumni Hyeon-Uk Kim, who lives in Tokyo, we could visit the Edo Tokyo Musuem, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building and Kobukicho Street, which is said to be Asia’s largest entertainment district. Through the Tokugawa government, a modern nation was formed with Tokyo at its core. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building, we could observe the power of Japan, the nation with the second largest economy in the world. True Parents have emphasized that in terms of the Unification Movement, Japan had the mission to restore the economy, and due to this, after the war, as part of God’s blessing, Japan saw a rapid increase in economic growth. Amidst Japan’s economic growth, there were the Japanese members with their pioneering spirit who walked the path of sacrifice as passionate supporters of the Unification Movement.

On the one hand, Kabukicho gave us duplicity in the sense of order as modern citizens and the outpouring desire inherent in the control. We felt that Japan, as the “Mother Nation” had to go through much internal suffering in order to protect the pure love and sex. The absence of sexual morality worldwide is a big threat from Satan that is not easy to block. According to what we heard form the Japanese members, they endured solely by going home and school to avoid temptation.  Just like a lantern in the wind, in the midst of the modern economic growth and moral chaos, the Japanese Unification members had to overcome all the obstacles inherent in the difficult life of  life.


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