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The way of true life for human beings to give true love, life, and hope  1024 2015.02.03
If the Messiah come, he should make such a route. The Messiah shall suggest all the contents of the true way to live for individual, family, nation, and the w...

The phenomenon of the Last days and right life of faith  1046 2015.01.31
It’s not any ideologies, thoughts or human beings to open the door of the Last days. It’s only God. In addition, we should know that there is the ...

A wise person  1014 2015.01.29
A wise person will place hope in the future and continue to move forward, no matter how difficult it may be. A foolish person, on the other hand, will throw a...

TF’s speech : A attitude for Sik-gu  1039 2015.01.20
When you treat a church member, Sik-gu, you have to be careful neither to hurt his/her feeling nor to say something useless for his/her faith. (TF's speech on...

The precious value of the nature God created  124 2014.12.29
The short cut to take care and protect the nature is loving the nature. You should shed tears just seeing a plant on the way. You should shed tears holding a ...

The attitude of mind in studying  153 2014.12.22
The youth who is studying! When I used to study, I shed tears after reading each pages. In studying, I was trying to seek the secret each pages that could dea...

As same as mine  186 2014.12.15
When a Shikgu (church member) has suffering and face a trial, we have to have compassion on the person each other with a heart which treats the situation as o...
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